Understanding Pain

How to use Voltaren Gel to ease the pain of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the commonest causes of joint pain. Here we explain how Voltaren Gel can help to relieve the pain associated with osteoarthritis.

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Explaining the different types of pain

Learn more about the different types of pain you might experience and discover what lies behind the pain we feel.

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What is pain?

Get a better understanding of why our bodies experience the sensation of pain and the many causes of body pain.

*GSK Global Pain Index Research 2014, report, p. 9

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88% of people globally experience body pain* 88% of people globally experience body pain*

Find the right treatment

Discover how the Voltaren range of products provides effective pain relief by targetting the source of pain to help you discover the joy of movement.

Treat your pain

*GSK Global Pain Index Research 2014 – full report p. 11

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Find out how our products can help

Discover the Voltaren product range to find the right product to treat your pain.

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